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Performance audition repertoire of at least 2, but no more than 3 contrasting works (no full concertos). Read the attached “YMF Guide to Audition Video” for further guidelines/requirements.

Please provide the contact information for your instructor, guardian, and at least three friends/ supporters of your musical pursuits who we can include on the YMF mailing list for notification of concerts, events, and donation opportunities:


Please use the space below to briefly highlight any significant repertoire, honors/achievements, reviews, or other pertinent information related to your performance history: I understand the application procedure and declare the information on this application form to be correct. I understand that I must be available for live auditions held during the first week of January 2019. I further understand, if I am chosen as an audition winner, that in order to retain YMF eligibility

I will:
1. Perform at one YMF sponsored concert per year;
2. Maintain legal Colorado residency;
3. Acknowledge YMF roster membership and support in publicity;
4. Maintain amateur status (not sign with professional agency representation).
5. Participate in YMF sponsored community outreach and service.

Pay $100 Application Fee

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